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GE Arize Element-1 R400

The GE Arize Element-1 R400 top light is an LED growing system for photoperiod extension or low DLI crops. The compact Arize Element-1 R400 delivers up to 550 µmol/s with minimal shadowing, and radiates negligible heat compared to an HPS or CMH system, for year-round growing. Modular design allows for the power supply to be mounted remotely, away from the fixture – low weight and novel installation method simplifies the mounting process. Arize Element Greenhouse LED fixtures offer a wide range of installation options for both high-bay and limited height applications. Drivers can be positioned above or adjacent to the light. With a compact footprint, the fixture is ideal for applications with limited head space. Small footprint minimize shadowing, allowing more natural light through. Impact-resistant design made of polycarbonate and aluminum.


✓ Point-for-point 400W HPS replacement
✓ Hybrid checkerboard flexibility
✓ 11% PPFD increase (µmol/m2/s)
✓ 60% energy saving
✓ < 2.5-year payback inc. installation
✓ 300% service life increase
✓ 5-year warranty


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luci di crescita all'ingrosso Quantità minima d'ordine 1 unità

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luci di crescita all'ingrosso


The slim and elegant design of Arize Element® Greenhouse LED fixtures has been refined over our many years serving commercial cultivators worldwide. Supported by our five-year warranty, Arize Element® Greenhouse LED fixtures are passively cooled with state-of-the-art heat sinks for a longer lifespan and PAR maintenance. IP66 rating gives peace of mind when using in humid and wet environments, while the sloping heat sink design minimizes build-up of dust and debris on the fixture, easing maintenance overheads and reducing labor costs.


The go-to solution for commercial greenhouse growers of all sizes, Arize Element® Greenhouse LED fixtures can scale as your business grows, offering industrial-strength reliability, and class-leading efficiency. Engineered to provide 1:1 replacement of legacy HPS grow lights, cultivators can produce top quality harvests in all seasons while enjoying massive energy cost reductions compared with legacy grow lights.

luci di crescita all'ingrosso

luci di crescita all'ingrosso

Request a Light Plan

Each type of crop and location in the world requires an individual approach. This means that the optimum light plan must be tailor-made. Based on individual needs, we create the ideal light plan with the appropriate uniformity and depth. In order to achieve optimal production and the highest possible uniformity, it is important to have sufficient light reception, the right light recipe, and the optimum light intensity for the product that is being cultivated. All of these aspects contribute to achieving consistently high production and crop quality. We use a light plan to determine exactly what this uniform light distribution will look like.

I nostri ingegneri e partner hanno decenni di esperienza nella creazione di piani di illuminazione che si adattano alle situazioni e agli obiettivi dei coltivatori.

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