The Grow Connection sells a select portfolio of professional Assimilation fixtures from some of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers. Tried and tested in the greenhouse of Holland for the better part of 35 years.  

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GE Current, a Daintree company, released in 2021 an updated version of its industry-leading European portfolio of next-generation Lucalox® High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps with a range of Arize® H-Series HPS fixtures. These will allow greenhouse growers the flexibility to retrofit their existing installations with the latest, high-performance and high reliability HPS lamps, or deploy them in hybrid LED setups with ease. GE Current harnesses the power of light to enable never-before-possible methods of farming, ushering in a new era of agriculture. We aim to build a world where growers can produce higher yields, cultivate with greater precision, and grow sustainably, locally and year-round to fuel a brighter future

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Gavita is the largest specialized horticultural lighting company in the world. We are active on all five continents with projects ranging from single fixtures to large greenhouses with well over 100,000 fixtures, serving the retail, research and professional horticultural market. As a market leader, we constantly innovate, but we will never bring products to the market which are not tested and proven in real life scenarios. This is why Gavita products have become the industry standard in lighting with unsurpassed reliability, the lowest cost of ownership and the best return on investment.

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Hortilux Schréder is without question one of the market leaders in the development, supply and application of grow light solutions (LED, HPS and hybrid) for international greenhouse horticulture and indoor farming. Since the very beginning Hortilux has been the frontrunner when it comes to innovation in professional horticultural grow light. Hortilux has set many of the industry standards. In 2008 they integrated the first LED fixture into our line of products, recently expanded with a complete LED product line: HORTILED®.

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Agrolux is a worldwide supplier of assimilation lighting for horticulture. We distinguish ourselves on the basis of advice, service and quality. We manufacture our own fixtures and export them to customers worldwide. We profile ourselves within the horticultural industry through our extensive knowledge, our extensive experience, and our smart, innovative technological solutions. Agrolux is part of Hawthorne Gardening Company, the largest manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic products in North America.

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Papillon offers a wide range of fixtures in HPS, CDM and LED. For every crop and individual situation, we can offer the perfect solution. Papillon counts over 40 years of developing grow light solutions. We have a proven track record in HPS grow light and together with our growers worldwide we developed a complete LED-product line. Our products are characterized by the high light output per WATT and the high efficiency with up top 3.0 µmol. 

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2009 Dimlux introduced the first ever groundbreaking remote controlled HPS ballast in combination with the Maxi Controller; The Dimlux Xtreme Series. Dimlux has all the knowledge it needs in house to work with you to design the best possible lighting installations. Our well-equipped laboratory for developing new and improving existing products, along with our own production, ensures the constant high quality of our fixtures.

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Dutch Lighting Innovations

Dutch Lighting Innovations is an innovative company which develops and manufactures supplemental lighting systems for the global greenhouse industry. Our products are made with components of the highest quality and reliability and are easy to maintain. With decades of experience in developing, manufacturing and selling grow light fixtures to the international horticultural industry, the DLI-team has redefined the HPS fixture in order to be able to continue to meet the high demands set by our customers in the modern horticultural industry.

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With the HORTURION series, Ushio has been playing a key role in professional horticulture for more than 2 decades. The company is not only one of the largest producers of HPS lamps in the world, but as one of the few players on the market to offer complete assimilation systems for HPS and MH, all from a single source. Quality, performance, high PAR stability and convincing color rendering are the pillars of the company’s global reputation.

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