HPS / MH / CMH Bulbs

The grow connection has a portfolio of exclusively global brands. 

The Grow Connection actively promotes and sells the well-known brands; General Electric, Philips and Osram. Although the market for HPS bulbs has exploded over the past decade – with new brands popping up in every country – many farmers have not waivered when it comes to choosing a quality HPS bulb. Staying with what has been tried and tested for decades and for good reason! ‘Save yourself a couple a bucks per year when choosing the right HPS bulbs’ said no professional farmer or plant lover – ever. 

Great news for resellers!
The Grow Connection is a one-stop shop for quality HPS Bulbs with unbeatable prices for resellers. Not only selling General Electric, Philips, and Osram – the Grow Connection can offer great prices for other quality brands as Ushio, Sylvania, Gavita, DLI and more. Our minimum order quality is 1 box of 12 units  and we provide a 12 months warranty on all bulbs. 

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The new generation GE Lucalox HPS bulbs delivers longer lifespan, greater efficiency and higher PAR maintenance for superior performance, lower maintenance costs and more predictable harvests. And let’ s not forget our world famous quality and reliability – as it was General Electric who developed the first HPS Bulb in 1964!

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